Ausgabe 13 (2015)

Shakespeare Seminar Online 13 (2015)

Shakespeare’s Unsung Heroes and Heroines

Introduction Christina Wald and Felix Sprang 1
Fortinbras’s Revenge: Genre and Sovereignty in Hamlet Martin Moraw 3
Rediscovering Ophelia: Conception and Perception of Hamlet’s Revenge Tragedy Heroine David J. Amelang 15
(Un)Heroic Madness: The Jailer’s Daughter as Playwright and Audience Figure in The Two Noble Kinsmen Karoline Baumann 27
The Pain of Others: Silencing Lavinia in Titus Andronicus Marlena Tronicke 39
‘There’s not a boy left alive’: The Heroic Eloquence of Shakespeare’s Silenced Children. An Analysis of Henry V and Macbeth Gemma Miller 51
Feeble Heroism: 1&2 Henry IV and Intellectual Liberty Sam Gilchrist Hall 63
Call for Statements – Shakespeare Seminar at the Shakespeare-Tage 2016 74

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