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Studying Edition

Shakespeare’s Dramatic Works: A German-English Studying Edition

Titus Andronicus. English-German edition.
Titus Andronicus

Shakespeare’s dramatic works are edited in a German-English studying edition with the Stauffenburg publishing company under the auspices of the Deutsche Shakespeare Gesellschaft.

Editors: Rüdiger Ahrens (Würzburg), Andreas Fischer (Zürich), Ernst Leisi (Zürich) and Ulrich Suerbaum (Bochum)

Advisory board: Klaus Bartenschlager (München), Ingeborg Boltz (München), Balz Engler (Basel), Robert Fricker (Bern), Hans Walter Gabler (München), Peter Halter (Lausanne), Dieter Mehl (Bonn).

The bilingual student’s edition is the first and only project that has achieved a completely scholarly edition of Shakespeare’s dramas for German readers. The edition explores Shakespeare’s work applying today’s scholary standards. It takes the reader’s interests into account and shifts its main focus from volume to volume.

Recent Volumes in this Series:


Further information

For further information on the Studying Edition please have a look at the website of the Stauffenburg-Verlag.