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Shakespeare Foundation

Deutsche Shakespeare Stiftung

The “Deutsche Shakespeare-Stiftung” (German Shakespeare Foundation) was established in autumn 2000. The foundation has its seat in Weimar. It is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is the support of the activities of the Deutsche Shakespeare-Gesellschaft and the bestowal of the Society’s Martin Lehnert Award. At the end of 2000 the Founders’ Council elected its Advisory Board in the constitutive meeting. Consisting of two members, the Board began its work at the beginning of 2001.


Address of the Deutsche Shakespeare-Stiftung:

Deutsche Shakespeare-Stiftung

Windischenstr. 4-6

99423 Weimar

Phone/ Fax: +49 (0)3643 – 904076

Members and friends of the Deutsche Shakespeare-Gesellschaft are kindly asked to support the Foundation with donations.

The Board has set up a gifts and donations account. For details see “Donations”.

Questions about the work of the Foundation or about donations should be addressed to the office of the Deutsche Shakespeare-Gesellschaft (see “Society: Contact” for details) or directly to the Board members (see “Committees”).