Issue 10 (2012)

Shakespeare Seminar Online 10 (2012)

Believing in Shakespeare: Faith and Doubt on the Elizabethan Stage


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Christina Wald
and Felix Sprang

King John as Performed Palimpsest
Lukas Lammers

Why do I yield to that suggestion”: Crisis of Autonomy and Autonomy as Crisis in Macbeth
Jan Mosch

The Jew and the City: Containment and Circulation of Religious Otherness in Shakespeares Venice and Marlowes Malta
Ariane de Waal

Twelfth Night or Inshallah
Sean Aita

“In that Jerusalem shall Harry die.” King Henry IV’s Faith and Doubt
Imke Licherfeld

Resonances of Faith and Doubt: C.G. Jung, Shakespeare and Questions of Healing
Claudia Richter