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Shakespeare: Online-Textausgaben und Faksimiles

  • [Shakespeare, William] Bartleby: William Shakespeare The Bartleby Library offers both works by and materials on Shakespeare, including an electronic version of The Complete Oxford Shakespeare (1914 edition), Bartlett’s Shakespeare Quotations (more than 1,500), and Anthologized Verse, as well as George Saintbury’s „Life, Plays, Poems, and Bibliography“, and T. S. Eliot’s essay „Hamlet and His Problems“.
  • [Shakespeare, William] Internet Shakespeare Editions Includes texts and facsimiles of all plays both in quarto and folio, including the apocryphal plays added in the Third Folio. This is a genuine attempt to edit the texts for electronic format rather than using out of copyright texts: the „illuminated text“, a new way of viewing and exploring Shakespeare’s works with full annotation and illustration. The site features an extensive and growing database of Shakespeare in performance. Complete with scholarly aims and objectives. The site also contains useful discussions of the principles of editing electronic texts. There is a gateway to internet sites on Shakespeare and the Renaissance.
  • [Shakespeare, William] Open Source Shakespeare: An Experiment in Literary Technology „Open Source Shakespeare (OSS) was created to be the best free resource for scholars, thespians, and Shakespeare lovers. It includes the 1866 Globe Edition of the complete works.“ OSS is a substantial website on Shakespeare containing full texts of his plays (which can be listed alphabetically, by genre, by date and by the total number of lines), his sonnets, and his poems. There are extra features such as statistics about Shakespeare’s works, a concordance and a special full-text search engine helping you find specific lines or words in the corpus of the texts.
  • [Shakespeare, William] PlayShakespeare.com: The Ultimate Free Shakespeare Resource The website joins Shakespeare and technology, including all of Shakespeare’s plays, sonnets and poems for free on the internet. The text can be freely used without copyright or royalty fees for study, research and performance. PlayShakespeare.com used the First Folio of 1623 (and Quartos where applicable) and the Globe Edition of 1866 as sources for the texts on this site.The website features a user-friendly approach to the text, including an inline glossary. Scroll over an arcane or confusing word and a box pops up for easy reference of characters, locations and terminology. Additionally, on PlayShakespeare.com you can find Shakespeare’s text with indentation. Other features on the website include ongoing reviews of Shakespeare productions on stage and screen by a network of critics; a Links page showcasing the largest and most comprehensive up-to-date list of U.S. and International Shakespeare companies, festivals and organizations, plus a monologue search site and resource site for teachers and students; a discussion forum; and a Facts page that includes Shakespeare’s biography and play chronology.
  • [Shakespeare, William] Shakespeare Searched Shakespeare Searched is a search engine designed to provide quick access to passages from Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets. It clusters search results by topic, work, and character to make it easy to find exactly what one is looking for. Shakespeare Searched accomplishes tasks from identifying the speaker of a particular quote to discovering underlying thematic elements across works.This website is not a replacement for a copy of the text. It provides no analysis or footnotes. It is meant to supplement a traditional reading of a work.
  • [Shakespeare, William] Shakespearean Poetry Search This is a searchable index of Shakespearean poems and sonnets.
  • [Shakespeare, William] Shakespearean Prompt-Books of the Seventeenth Century This site offers studies of the stage texts used in various seventeenth-century performances of Shakespeare’s plays and provides an opportunity to examine Shakespearean performance traditions and innovations.
  • [Shakespeare, William] The Complete Works of William Shakespeare This site offers full access to The Complete Moby ™ Shakespeare. If offers a search engine for the full texts as well as some notes on words in the texts. The site also houses an extensive discussion board.
  • [Shakespeare, William] The works of William Shakespeare Diese Webseite ist eine Textsammlung der Werke von William Shakespeare: z.B. King Lear, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice, Antony and Cleopatra. Es werden die Seiten aus der Originalausgabe als Bilddateien gezeigt. The website contains a collection of the works by Shakespeare: e.g. King Lear, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice, Antony and Cleopatra. All the pages of the works are shown as they appeared in the original edition of the work.
  • [Shakespeare,William] Electronic Text Center – University of Virginia: Shakespeare Resources „The Electronic Text Center’s holdings include a variety of Shakespeare resources that range from early Quartos, the complete 1623 First Folio, and early playhouse promptbooks, to more modern editions and to many bibliographical articles that discuss Shakespeare’s works.“