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Shakespeare: Lehren und Lernen

  • The English Renaissance in Context – ERIC „The English Renaissance in Context (ERIC) is a NEH-funded project designed to provide scholars and students at a variety of levels with access to major texts of the English Renaissance in their original versions. ERIC grows out of both contemporary critical tendencies in the field of English Renaissance studies and a commitment to providing broad access to original source materials that would otherwise be out of reach for many. ERIC comprises two separate but integrated units: a set of tutorials on some of Shakespeare’s plays and on the making and selling of books during the Early Modern period; and a database of scanned texts from Penn’s Furness Shakespeare Library. When used in combination, these two units can provide students with a rich introduction to English Renaissance literature in its historical and artifactual context.“
  • [Shakespeare, William]: Shake Sphere: A Comprehensive Study Guide for the World of William Shakespeare Shake Spere is the „Internet’s most comprehensive study guide for the works of William Shakespeare, featuring plot summaries of every Shakespeare play and a discussion and analysis of Shakespeare’s sonnets. This site includes a wealth of information on sources, themes, settings, stage terms, iambic pentameter, folio and quarto texts, Shakespeare’s life and religion, the Globe Theatre, London in Shakespeare’s time, and other topics.“
  • [Shakespeare, William] Encyclopaedia Britannica’s Guide to Shakespeare This comprehensive site provides information on William Shakespeare, his works, his times, his contemporaries, and on Shakespeare scholars and their works. The site includes biographical data, offers historical insight and supplies brief summaries of all of Shakespeare’s plays which are pulled together chronologically in another contribution of the site. A glossary adds helpful background information on the topics discussed. Scholarly articles introduce the visitor to various issues in Shakespeare studies and later on offer additional reading possibilities. Furthermore, a filmography, and video- and audio-clips afford an opportunity to gain insight into the realisation of Shakespeare’s works on stage and film. In a last section of the site teachers can find teaching material for classroom usage and a Shakespeare quiz for pupils.
  • [Shakespeare, William] Hamlet on the Ramparts Hamlet on the Ramparts is a public website designed and maintained by the MIT Shakespeare Project. The site’s aim is to provide free access to an evolving collection of texts, images, and film relevant to Hamlet’s first encounter with the Ghost (Act 1, Scenes 4 and 5). For now it contains electronic texts of three major modern editions (the Arden, the Folger, and the Oxford), page images of the first three printed editions of the play (The First Folio, The First Quarto, The Second Quarto), an extensive collection of artwork and photographs, and sequences from three film versions — the Forbes-Robertson film of 1913, the Ragnar Lyth film of 1984, and the filmed record of the Richard Burton-John Gielgud production of 1964.
  • [Shakespeare, William] King Lear „William Shakespeare’s King Lear began as a web site for a North Carolina State University English class. It has since become a resource for understanding an incredible play.“ On this website one can find a detailed summary of the plot as well as brief characterizations of King Lear, Goneril, Regan, Cordelia, Gloucester, Edgar, Edmund, Kent, Cornwall, Albany, the Fool, Oswald, Burgundy, and the King of France. The FAQ section contains discussions on questions such as whether King Lear is insane or not or the elements that make this play a tragedy. The site alse provides a gallery of paintings and drawings illustrating scenes from the play. Furthermore the author of the sites offers links to further resources on the web.
  • [Shakespeare, William] Macbeth: The Site Struggling with Shakespeare? Try this site with an interactive and easy way to learn about the Shakespearean tragedy Macbeth. Annotated, online version of the play includes links to a glossary of terms, a summary of each scene, and a list of character descriptions. At the Macbeth Discussion Board students can ask questions and get answers from other students. And if that’s not enough, find links to the Complete Works of Shakespeare, shareware, and more.
  • [Shakespeare, William] Shakespeare at eNotes Shakespeare at eNotes is a topical section of eNotes providing a basic introduction to Shakespeare and the Early Modern period. Some of the information is fee-based, but enough free stuff is available to warrant a visit. The site contains the complete text as well as plot summaries of the plays and sonnets and translations into modern English. Visitors can learn about the life and times of Shakespeare from the biography, chronology, and images. Additionally, visitors can search for Shakespearean quotes, use a question-and-answer section, and download lesson plans for Shakespeare in the classroom.
  • [Shakespeare, William] The Interactive Shakespeare Project „The Interactive Shakespeare Project at Holy Cross is a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional, initiative to use the World Wide Web to improve the teaching of Shakespeare. Created by a cohort of English and Theater professors from across the country, the Project incorporates computer technology to create an active learning environment for secondary school and college students. To augment the pedagogical effectiveness of the program, teaching resources and a cohesive methodology are provided for educators.“The project has produced a prototype interactive study guide to Shakespeare’s „Measure for Measure“. One can find online essays relating to the play on topics such as marriage, prostitution and the performance history of the play. An archive of reviews of notable productions of the play is one of the many features of this site which would be of interest to those working on the stage history of Shakespearean drama.
  • [Shakespeare, William] The Shakespeare Classroom This site offers teaching materials relating to the life and works of William Shakespeare that may not only be used by students who wish to study the works of Shakespeare but by anyone interested in the Bard.
  • [Shakespeare, William] Verona World Verona World ist das Ergebnis eines Projektes im Anschluss an Shakespeares Drama Romeo & Juliet im Leistungskurs des Jahrgangs 12. Dabei erarbeiten Schüler und Schülerinnen Mini-Websites auf Basis von Textproduktion oder Internetrecherche. Verona World is an internet project concerning Shakespeare and his life. The web pages have been created by the college level English class of a German hight school.