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Shakespeare: Sites mit biographischem Material

  • [Shakespeare, William] Bartleby: William Shakespeare The Bartleby Library offers both works by and materials on Shakespeare, including an electronic version of The Complete Oxford Shakespeare (1914 edition), Bartlett’s Shakespeare Quotations (more than 1,500), and Anthologized Verse, as well as George Saintbury’s „Life, Plays, Poems, and Bibliography“, and T. S. Eliot’s essay „Hamlet and His Problems“.
  • [Shakespeare, William] Encyclopaedia Britannica’s Guide to Shakespeare This comprehensive site provides information on William Shakespeare, his works, his times, his contemporaries, and on Shakespeare scholars and their works. The site includes biographical data, offers historical insight and supplies brief summaries of all of Shakespeare’s plays which are pulled together chronologically in another contribution of the site. A glossary adds helpful background information on the topics discussed. Scholarly articles introduce the visitor to various issues in Shakespeare studies and later on offer additional reading possibilities. Furthermore, a filmography, and video- and audio-clips afford an opportunity to gain insight into the realisation of Shakespeare’s works on stage and film. In a last section of the site teachers can find teaching material for classroom usage and a Shakespeare quiz for pupils.
  • [Shakespeare, William] Shakespeare’s Life and Times Shakespeare’s Life and Times introduces you to the world Shakespeare lived and worked in. There is a detailed biography of his life and dicussions of the Shakespearean stage, the society of the time, the history and politics of Elizabethan England, Renaissance thought, religion, and cosmology. Visitors can learn about the kinds of plays and literature Shakespeare read, see samples of paintings of the time, and listen to Renaissance music. There is an extensive reference section that gives chronologies, maps, and bibliographies for further reading. These pages are part of the Internet Shakespeare Editions.
  • [Shakespeare, William] William Shakespeare: Writer, Actor, Investor, Family Man – Biography A 5,300-word essay (with documentation) on the private and public lives of Shakespeare: childhood, the „lost years,“ London and the theatre, rising fortune, retirement, death.