Shakespeare Association of Spain

Fundacion Shakespeare de Espana

c/ Princesa, 3 duplicado
Plaza de los Cubos
6 Piso, Despacho 603
28008 Madrid

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About the Association:

"The origins of the Shakespeare Foundation go back to 1972, when a number of linguists, under the direction of Professor Manuel Ángel Conejero Tomás Dionís-Bayer, O.B.E., initiated various academic activities related with the study of Elizabethan theatre in general and the work of Shakespeare in particular. These activities revolved around the internacional seminars known as the "Shakespeare Encounters". This, with the help of Professor T.J.B. Spencer from Birmingham University eventually lead to the formation of the Foundation in 1978, whose goal is to translate the Complete Works of William Shakespeare into Spanish.

The Shakespeare Foundation of Spain is a cultural institution whose purpose is that of bringing together those academics, investigators and professionals who have the study of language, and its artistic expression in literature, theatre and cinema as a fundamental objective. The idea that is common to all the cultural and scientific tasks that are undertaken at the Institution is that language is a means of communication and of interpersonal relations. lt believes that dramatic texts are one of the most elaborated forms of language, due to the communicative nature of theatre and cinema.

In 1985, there arose the need to expand the existing institution with an eye to laying down a formal platform for all the artistic and didactic activities that were derived from the initial academic objective. This is how the Shakespeare Foundation came to acquire its current structure."