Martin Lehnert Award of the German Shakespeare Foundation

Diploma of the Martin Lehnert Award

Nominations Welcome

The Martin Lehnert Award, donated by the former President of the Deutsche Shakespeare-Gesellschaft Martin Lehnert,  funds students and young scholars who have engaged in research on Shakespeare's work and its impact, the culture of Shakespeare's times and its reception. The prize is awarded to publications of outstanding achievement and is bestowed annually to either a graduate thesis or a doctoral dissertation. 

Proposals for the award can be made by any member of the Society or by the academic tutor of the respective work.  A suggested thesis has to be handed in either at the office of the Shakespeare-Gesellschaft (Windischenstr. 4-6, 99423 Weimar) or at the Shakespeare Library Munich (Schellingstr. 3, 80799 München) by December 15th.

The award ceremonies takes place during the spring conferences "Shakespeare-Tage" in April.  An independent committee assigned by the German Shakespeare Society decides to whom the prize is awarded.

Members of the Board:

Prof. Dr. Werner Brönnimann (Universität St. Gallen)
Prof. Dr. Joachim Frenk (Universität des Saarlands) 
Prof. Dr. Peter W. Marx (Universität Bern) 
Prof. Dr. Sabine Schülting (FU Berlin; Spokesperson of the Board)
Dr. Felix Sprang (Universität Hamburg)