Shakespeare Seminar Online

Since 2003, the Shakespeare Seminar has been part of the “Shakespeare-Tage”, the annual spring conferences held by the German Shakespeare Society. The Seminar provides a forum for established as well as young scholars to discuss texts and contexts. A call for papers regularly invites short papers that should be hypothetical rather than exegetical in matter and thus inspire academic discussion. The topic of the Shakespeare Seminar is related to the respective conference topic, yet there is, for the sake of a more focussed discussion, a thematic restriction that allows for debating special aspects of the conference topic.

The MLA-listed journal Shakespeare Seminar Online  documents the contributions to the seminar. It presents to the public the ideas that have been formed in the discussions and thus offers an opportunity to publish research results especially for the younger generation of scholars.

Kirsten Sandrock, Lukas Lammers