Shakespeare-Jahrbuch: Call for Papers 2020

Call for Papers

Shakespeare Jahrbuch 156 (2020)

“Shakespeare and Translation”


The 2020 volume of Shakespeare Jahrbuchwill be a special issue on Translation”. The editorial board invites essays on the following topics:

·         bilingualism and translation in Shakespeare’s plays

·         early modern translations of Shakespeare’s plays

·         Shakespeare’s global travels

·         translation and transculturation

·         domesticating and/or foreignizing translation strategies

·         Shakespeare in translation, adaptation, and tradaptation

·         Shakespeare in modern English

·         mono-, bi-, and multilingual Shakespeares

·         re-translating Shakespeare

·         the difficulties of translating / untranslatability

·         lost in translation

·         teaching Shakespeare in translation

·         Shakespeare and translation theories

·         the role of the translator

·         Shakespeare’s translators

·         the history of Shakespeare translation

·         translating for/on the stage

·         Shakespeare in sub- and/or surtitles

·         translation and the Shakespeare industry


For more information, please contact the general editor of Shakespeare Jahrbuch, Sabine Schülting (email: The deadline for submitting articles is 30 April 2019.

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