The Deutsche Shakespeare-Gesellschaft (German Shakespeare Society) was founded in 1864. It is one of the oldest literary associations in Europe, if not the world, and has about 2,000 members. It promotes the investigation with William Shakespeare's works, particularly in the German-speaking countires. In doing so, it co-operates closely with scholars, teachers and artists.


Latest News

  • External News, Calls, Shakespeare-Conferences (Thursday, 07/23/15)

    7th Biennial British Shakespeare Association Conference

    Shakespearean Transformations: Death, Life, and Afterlives

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  • External News, News about the Society, Shakespeare-Conferences (Thursday, 06/11/15)

    World Shakespeare Congress 2016

    Your invitation to the World Shakespeare Congress 2016: Creating and Re-creating Shakespeare
    The 2016 World Shakespeare Congress – four hundred...  [read more]
  • News about the Society, Shakespeare-Conferences (Monday, 06/ 1/15)


    Die Shakespeare Tage 2016 zum Thema "Shakespeare's Green Worlds" werdenvom 22. bis 24. April 2016 in Bochum stattfinden.Im Jahr 2016...  [read more]
  • Publications & Projects (Monday, 06/ 1/15)


    Im Juni dieses Jahres werden die folgenden beiden Bücher erscheinen:  [read more]